Lee County E-911

Alan Bailey, E-911 Coordinator

(276) 346-7791 / abailey@lee911.org



Lee County Residents


Lee County is converting to a new

Enhanced 911 System



If you need help in an emergency situation, we want to make sure that help gets to you as quickly as possible. A new E-911 system will help reduce the time it takes to respond to an emergency situation. To make this possible the rural residents of Lee County will be assigned a new 911 address.


Our goal is to help ensure the residents of Lee County live in a healthy and safe environment.  Please look for a more detailed press release in your local news outlets; this will help to answer any questions you may have regarding 911 and your county’s addressing.

Important Announcement

Lee County Enhanced 911 Address Verification and Re-Notification Project


January 13, 2010




Project Update:

A GeoComm staff member has visited every structure in the Blackwater, Duffield, Keokee, and St. Charles zip codes.  If a pamphlet with your 911 address was left at your house and you have not contacted the GeoComm project team or completed the online survey to verify the receipt of your address, please do so at this time.


Please call (888) 436-2666 and ask for the Lee County Project team or visit http://leeva.geo-comm.com to complete the online survey by 2/1/2010.

Link to Lee County E911 website 

**Please note: Do not make changes to mailing address information on driver’s licenses, checks, bank statements, etc. until a GeoComm staff member visits your home to verify the new address you received** 

Posting Requirements for Addressable Structures

5.01 Time Constraints

Within 90 days after written notification of the assignment of or change of an addressable structure number, the owner of said addressable structure shall post the assigned addressable structure number in compliance with the requirements herein.

5.02 Number Specifications

All addressable structure numbers shall be constructed of a durable material. The color shall contrast with the color scheme of the addressable structure, and if mounted on glass, shall contrast with the background and be clearly visible.

The minimum number size for residential addressable structures or units shall be four (4) inches in height. The minimum size for all other addressable structure numbers shall be six (6) inches in height. In all cases, a number larger than the minimum size may be required where the minimum size does not provide the adequate identification.

5.03 Posting Locations

All numerical identifications must be easily identifiable without obstruction of view.

Any dwelling or business located more than 100 feet from the roadway and/or not clearly visible from the roadway shall be required to have numerical posting at both the entrance or driveway and located in close proximity to the front door or entrance way.

A minimum of 5 feet in posting height will be required for all dwelling or business identification in close proximity to the driveway entrance.

The post height of 3 feet will be required for all entrances that require numerical posting. A mailbox is acceptable if it is located at the entranceway to the property.

5.04 Maintenance of Addressable Structure Numbers

Following the posting of the assigned number as required herein, the owner shall maintain the addressable structure number at all times in compliance with the requirements of this Ordinance. Addressable structure numbers and unit designators, as viewed from the road, shall not be obstructed from view.